Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 9

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Included a food journal this week.

Sun 24/08/08 No exercise.

Mon 25/08/08 105 Calories after 15 min treadmill, didn’t have time for more, had to go to work.

Tue 26/08/08 Lots of walking in Hyderabad :P, I feel sorry for myself so I’m giving myself 80 calories credit πŸ˜€ (actually quite sore so I’m sure my walk was worth more), I think riding around in a tuktuk should count for something as well but I will leave it at 50 anyway (in spite of how sore I feel).

Wed 27/08/08 185 Calories after 30 min on treadmill, was hurting even before I got on 😦 . Anyway wasn’t too bad, really sore though. Trying to focus on walking for a bit because I am determined to outwalk umi (you would not believe how fast an arthritic person 20 years my senior can walk, its embarrassing, mashallah mashallah). Being over 30 (maybe 40?ish) kgs heavier than the competition doesn’t help my quest though.

Thu 28/08/08 If people stopped phoning then I could get some sleep, then I could exercise 😑 . NO EXERCISE.

Fri 29/08/08 Back from work, prayers, then out. Too tired by the time I was back plus lunch was too heavy.

Sat 30/08/08 210 Calories after 30 min on treadmill. I’m really worried now because I’m getting close to the point where I want to consider weight training again but Ramadan is coming up, and I’m working so don’t think I can pull it off, wasnt such a bad week in any case.

Weekly summary: So Im counting a total of 580 Calories for (what I will count as) 3 workouts, at a lowly average of 193 per workout, however I’m okay with it because I find the treadmill harder to burn calories on and its quite an improvement getting to 210 calories, I want to make two workouts a week on the treadmill though. Ramadan is coming so its going to be tough to keep exercising and keep my weight down.

Week ending Stats: waist just over 42″, weight just over 105kg.

NO FOOD JOURNAL ITS BORING so I’m going to post a foody pic or something instead, this one is last weeks but whatever I’m late posting so don’t be picky. I really want teriyaki.


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