Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 8

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Included a food journal this week.

Sun 17/08/08 Busy day so no exercise 😦 .

Mon 18/08/08 215 Calories after 20 min on rowing machine, didn’t have time for much more. Got back practically an hour late from work and had to meet my friend after, luckily I missed my father coming home literally by a minute so I didn’t have to be cross examined before leaving, my parents said they would stop asking about where or who I’m going out with because they think it is08/08 silly for a grown man to ask if he can go out but usually they can’t help themselves and they don’t tell me in advance if they make plans or need something, besides I am living under their roof so it feels natural to ask at least as a courtesy or not to cause an inconvenience, not necessarily for permission (they actually don’t want me to ask because they don’t want people to think/know their controlling since sometimes I have to ask when other people are around, but they are quite controlling by nature 😛 ), ah well I have to behave since I am the eldest and blah blah blah.

Tue 19/08/08 305 Calories after 30 min on incline bicycle.

Wed 20/08/08 No exercise clothes (didn’t pack any to Male), slow day.

Thu 21/08/08 Another slow day, I should get the hotels phone number to plan something for next time. Days off coming up so exercise then (I hope 😛 ).

Fri 22/08/08 No chance to exercise, day off (means I ate 4 times my usual amount) and was doing something (just don’t remember what)

Sat 23/08/08 Forgot about exercise :8 , was fasting (not because I had days due just because I’m praying for someones health).

Weekly summary: Not in the mood 😦

Week ending Stats: 105.5 KG, can’t bother with anything else 😛

Food Journal

Sun 17/08/08 So rushed out of the house to drive my bro to get his exam results, cereal bar for breakfast and later had some hot chocolate at Starbucks (no cream or caramel). Lunch was a big portion of house salad with some rice and molookhia and some mahshi (small courgette stuffed with rice and meat in like a broth sort of thing). Dinner was at the souq where I visited my friend (Iraqi/Irani gold salesman) who forced me to eat I won’t bother translating to english, 2 khubz irgag with egg cheese and za’tar (he insisted so I asked for one then he ordered two for me!), he wants to keep me fat until he loses some more weight (he has lost a good amount it seems).

Mon 18/08/08 Ok unhealthy day today, small blueberry yoghourt and small cup of tea to start the day at work (short but stressful day at work today). Back from work managed to squeeze in a workout before being picked up by my friend for lunch which was some bread with extra virgin olive oil, bread with spinach prawn super cheesy unhealthy dip ( thegeel ) and chicken portobello with cheese and spinach with a hint of rice and probably a bit of oil and two cokes. Later we joined up with another friend and went for coffee (well hot chocolate in my case). Dinner wi9i6 (middle of 😛 ) Hagen Dasz, a crepe with one scoop of ice cream and a rich hot chocolate with cream. I had a taste of rangeena and a big mug of tea later (I really like rangeena and it is quite a rare treat so I couldn’t not have any) yuck what’s up with the tea? At least I exercised. I promised myself no lunch if I didn’t exercise so I had to exercise so I don’t break my promise.

Tue 19/08/08 Digestive for breakfast, lunch was fried and oven baked fish (stuffed with potato and tomato) with house salad with some rice and a coke. Unfortunately I ate at work today (which I avoid but I was too tired not to eat); beef with rice and veg, salad, 2 pieces of bread and a small pudding thing.

Wed 20/08/08 Not much food (unless you count yesterdays dinner :P), mango juice for breakfast, dinner was a chicken caesar salad, a chicken burger with fries and coleslaw (not the fast food kind ok) and a coke.

Thu 21/08/08 Ordered an “American Breakfast” which was mango juice, fruit plate, (small) mushroom omelette, two hash browns and sausages with three pieces of toast (a tiny bit of butter and jam) and tea. Dinner was a work affair again, chicken with tagliatelle with steamed potato and broccoli on the side, 2 pieces of bread, a salad (consisting of green, yellow, red pepper, cucumber, olives and a bit of feta cheese) and a small cheesecake thing.

Fri 22/08/08 This day is off the record, suffice to say I had as many calories for breakfast as I usually have throughout the day (around 1600 I suppose)

Sat 23/08/08 Was fasting + can’t be bothered to log food, was less than 1000cals. FYI digesting food consumes water so stuffing your face the day before will just make you thirsty (It just so happened I stuffed my face the day before, wasn’t planned).


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