Food journal? WHY? NO! DONT READ

No DOF because no EXERCISE. Luckily I have not gained any weight (I have it proven on paper because I just did my medical 😛 ). So I decided to emabarass myself by keeping a weekly food journal (I will post it with the weekly DOF next time). As far as food goes this was an uneventfull week. But hey I passed my assesment (I WANTED A 5 but they only gave me a 4.4 AAAAAHHHHHH) and went to the cinema 3 times (Space chimps and Mummy 3 with younger sisters, The Dark Knight with bros and ma). Between preparing for the assesment and taking people out this week I didn’t get much time to myself which I think is a good thing because I would just be sulking then.

Food Journal

Sun 10/08/2008 2 small cups of tea (both black, milk and 1 sugar), small khubz libnani egg sandwich (with tomato and chilli) and proper real mug of tea (black, 2 sugars and milk). Lunched on fish and rice (small shallow fried safi, small serving of white rice) with house salad (green pepper, tomato, onion, lettuce, carrots, cucumber no dressing), 700 ml OJ and tonic 1:1. 3/4 Khubz lebnani with some hummus, small salad (apple, capers, lettuce, salmon, cucumber), small ginger ale (150 ml).

Mon 11/08/2008 2 small cups of tea (both black, milk and 1 sugar about 150ml each), small portion of cerial (frosties) with milk (about 200 ml semi skimmed I think, drank half sans cerial), small portion of fruit (2 slices each of watermelon, pineapple and orange), 2 croissants (didn’t want them but they would have been thrown away otherwise 😦 ), a regular cup of tea (2 sugars and milk, regular is about 300 ml), 1 hot dog, 1 chicken filet (house food), coke due lack of energy and a ginger ale.

Tue 12/08/2008 1 hotdog for breakfast with a ginger ale, chicken machboos and house salad for lunch. Don’t remember supper!!! I think Maybe a khubz libnani egg sandwich and a big mug of tea (means like 500ml 2 sugars and milk). Also had OJ and Schweppes tonic sometime throughout the day.

Wed 13/08/2008 Breakfast was a chicken sandwich in a hot dog bun with green pepper and 200ml orange juice, lunch was a small hot chocolate and a chicken pesto sandwich in starbucks. Later small portion of veal with mashed potato and 3 bean salad on the side (copy of KFC’s I think with various beans onions and green pepper). Throughout day 1 big mug of tea, ginger ale (small) and a coke. Also ate 1 or 2 croissant egg sandwiches (don’t remember :8 ).

Thu 14/08/2008 2 egg sandwiches (2 croissants with egg in them), glass of milk, Shani (caramel tasting soft drink), 1 small cup of coftee (small tea 2 sugar and creamer because no milk avlbl and just a tiny bit of coffee for an after taste) not meant to be healthy, just to give me a boost for my test and replace lunch. Mutafaya and rice (Yemeni spicy fish dish wit tomato paste) with onions, olives and 3 bean salad on the side. Drank coke and Mirinda. Drinking too many soft drinks recently (energy boost and pick me up), I usually drink alot less. Will stop this by the end of the week since I will no longer have an excuse.

Fri 15/08/2008 Breakfast was a cheese and jalapeno sandwich in khubz libnani with a big mug of tea. had one coftee and a Shani throughout the day and had a medium steak with a roast potato and macaroni salad on the side with steak sauce (the macaroni salad is hardly a salad has cheddar mayonnaise and diced carrots and a few peas, doesn’t even taste that nice, why did I eat it!?). Big mug of tea before going to sleep.

Sat 16/08/2008 Digestive for breakfast. Had chicken with veg in the oven and some rice (potato tomato and peas) and my sisters left over macaroni. Has some Halloumi with za’tar and bread (pre packed, tasted BORING). Ive been to the cinema like 3 times this week and no snacks at all :8 .


One thought on “Food journal? WHY? NO! DONT READ

  1. Nice bog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I’m bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I’ll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!

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