Cinema Cinema Cinema, FEAR OF COMMITMENT!

So I went to the Cinema three times this week (twice on the same day which I haven’t done for a while). Anyway took my (much younger) sisters to 2 movies, my ma and bros to another and asked my father to come along twice (well thrice if you count the third which someone else asked), he refused both times (plus the last) . I know he would complain through both movies (and the third one too) but whatever he’s a father, I don’t mind taking the kids but he needs to do that bonding thing with his kids, he shouldn’t find it strange if they don’t find him fun after or that after I take them out I can’t spend time with him because I have other things to do either, he needs to stop acting so somber. OK three movies, Space Chimps, not good but not too bad, OK for kids. The Mummy 3 mostly sucked (I gave my youngest sister my phone to play with half way through some parts were funny though), the high point of the movie is when O’Connell screams “Fire” Jonathan screams “AGAIN?” O’Connell “No Your a** is on fire” Jonathan “MY A**? No help, MY A** IS ON FIRE, put my a** out put it out, SMACK MY A** SMACK MY A**” or something like that. The Dark Knight was toooooooooo long and still not as good as Tim Burtons Batman (I consider this an undeniable fact) I rate it as fourth overall as a Batman movie (best being Burtons BATMAN then Batman Begins and then Burtons Batman Returns). Oh yeah and the girl was NOT hot, and the joker was NOT funny (nothing jockerish about him).
I realized this week when I thought I would try playing Sudoku I have serious commitment issues, and this is why I have never played Sudoku, I tried to solve it (some) in my head so I could put it down on paper and give myself a good stepping stone but the thought was too frightening (I was told later it’s quite an advanced puzzle so now I know I make stupid choices that I am afraid to commit to obviously because the are… STUPID). DUCKS.


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