I be back

Back from holiday. Quick recap, landed in Paris drove/driven to Brussels in Belgium. Drove to Essen Germany, spent a bit over two days there, went to the Movie Park (previously Warner Brothers apparently), did some shopping (well mostly not me 😛 ), my sister chased some pigeons. Drove back to Brussels spent some time there. Drove to Luxembourg which was very picturesque (beautiful place, my bro really digs it), drove back the same day (plan on maybe going there again for an undisclosed reason). Next road trip was to Brugge / Bruges, still in Belgium (originally planned on Rotterdam or Amsterdam but changed plans). Went to the Seapark there (forgot its name), it started out quite badly (specifically boring according to most) which would have been blamed on me since I planned the trip, but we all saw a few shows then I was saved from humiliation (everyone likes dolphins); then had a look see at old town center which was cool, apparently this was like a fort town in the past, most of the streets are single lane stone paved roads, they give the place a very old feel (naturally the old buildings help too), I drove to the Seapark then my brother took over for the rest of the way (short drive to town center then back to Brussels). Rotterdam was the last place we visited, spent most of the day at Blijdorp zoo which was quite nice aquarium, I got assaulted (bitten) by a prairie dog. Rest of the time was spent in Brussels, which was also fun, went to Walibi theme park, went out on national day and saw the fireworks display, ate waffles and went for long walks (and annoyingly fast because of a certain someone), I hope I didn’t gain much weight (I tried not to eat much and I am really sore from those walks sometimes carrying shopping or food). Having a car to drive around made definitely the holiday much more fun, even if it was manual and diesel with only a really small engine (means hard for me to drive because I usually drive automatic and gasoline manuals are a bit easier to drive, and my cars engine is relatively gargantuan), I really missed my car (which is about one and a half years old now). Anyway I don’t think I even gained a kilo so I’m not so depressed, I wish I could sleep properly though.


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