Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 7

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 06/07/08 190 Calories after 30 min on treadmill, continuing my punishment.

Mon 07/07/08 Exhausted from my punishment AND work (AND Guitar hero 3 :P).

Tue 08/07/08 Feeling lazy, Guitar hero 3.

Wed 09/07/08 Was planning on exercising but was waiting for some things including calls from my friends and work to do and ended up shopping for the house till midnight so no exercise. Guitar hero 3 (addiction).

Thu 10/07/08 Paper work and emails, Guitar hero 3 (oh my god I finished it, what should I do with my free time and only one working hand?).

Fri 11/07/08 SHOPPING for me holiday (shopping is so lonely), spent way too much, my left hand is in pain (too much Guitar hero 😦 ).

Sat 12/07/08 325 Calories after 30 minutes on incline bicycle.

Weekly summary: Well guitar hero ruined my workouts, couldn’t use the rowing machine because of straining my hand. So 515 calories after 2 workouts at an average of 257, worst week ever 😦 . I wonder if playing guitar hero counts for anything? I did about half an hour standing as well so that should count for something. Late posting cause had to get ready for my holiday (rush rush rush), moved foreward by 2 days 😯 , so I’m quite frantic (actually posting from lounge in Bahrain).

Week ending Stats: No weight check but my waist is about 42″ now, so about 1.5 inches every seven weeks, not impressive but not too bad, (I’m actually quite happy about it 😛 ). so below 40″ by the end of the year for sure, if I’m lucky I will also be under 100 Kg 😯 who knows stranger things have happened


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