Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 6

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 29/06/08 No exercise, outing and some chores.

Mon 30/06/08 No exercise πŸ˜› Shoulder hurts (move around too much in my sleep) .

Tue 01/07/08 No exercise 😦 Back from work midday, not sleeping well, so I did some catching up πŸ˜› .

Wed 02/07/08 No exercise πŸ‘Ώ

Thu 03/07/08 No exercise been keeping myself busy and chickening out of exercise the last few days (I think I did exercise once but forgot what day so I won’t count it).

Fri 04/07/08 320 Calories after 30 min on incline bicycle.

Sat 05/07/08 340 Calories after 30 min on rowing machine. 170 Calories after 25 min on treadmill (self imposed PUNISHMENT).

Weekly summary: Exercised 3 times total of 830 with an average of 275 calories as an average. Slight overall improvement. I punished myself on saturday (since I’m too old for my parents to do that and don’t have a wife πŸ˜› ) for not exercising by exercising twice and teaching myself a lesson. IM SO TIRED NOW. I feel physically and emotionally ( πŸ˜› ) broken.

Week ending Stats: No formal stats taken this week, weight seems to be the same and I didn’t measure my waist. My surwal keeps falling though so either the elastic is giving away or my behind shrunk.


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