Mobile Musings

I just installed opera mini
on my phone and it works great, its also much faster than the built in browser so Im quite happy with it, If you’re not satisfied with you’re mobiles browser you should try it out. There is a mac linux and windows version too and it has some nice features, if you’re willing to give it a try it is very customizable.

I have laid eyes on my potential future (mobile) it is the Sony Ericsson c905, its features include an 8 mpix camera with xenon flash, (maybe) 640×480 video recording, wifi, good battery (hopefully), tv connectivity (no biggie), gps, don’t remember the rest but there is more. I am quite happy with my current phone (k850i) and 5mpix is more than enough however the video is only 320×240 and the exposure time is sometimes unbearable, so if the c905 has a better sensor setting a 5mpix instead of 8mpix should improve the exposure time (maybe I try 3mpix on my current phone to see if that helps). The video is a big deal for me because my phone is my camera because I always have it with me (i.e. attached to my hip), the phone would be alot less appealing if the resolution is only 320×240 (means I probably won’t buy it 😛 ). Some sites claim 320×240 others 640×480, the SE whitepaper says QVGA (320×240) but I’m hoping the final model gets revised.

UPDATE forgot to mention AT&T claim to be releasing the iPhone in the USA without a contract at 400$ above the contracted iPhone price (8gb for 599$ 16gb for 699$), cool what a steal (NOT 😈 ).


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