Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 5

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 22/06/08 No exercise, outing and some chores.

Mon 23/06/08 305 Calories after 30 min on the incline bike. Finished 7am. Discouraging lack of improvement. KTM

Tue 24/06/08 Back from work midday no exercise.

Wed 25/06/08 I think my bad eating habits are taking their toll. Slept away most of the day on standby so was free to see my family off at least.

Thu 26/06/08 Ahh so silly my right led hurts for some reason and I’m just feelong off, so stupid when I have the time I lack the will to use it.

Fri 27/06/08 Back from work in the morning, same story as yesterday. Maybe a bath will do the trick. GASP, maybe im sick.

Sat 28/06/08 340 Calories after 30 min on rowing machine. Not much work today just Bahrain.

Weekly summary: Another sad week. Anyway 645 for the whole week @ 320 a workout, unusually high because I didn’t use the treadmill, if I assume 180 cals so 825/3= 275 Wow I did that mentally and got it right when I checked (Yay I can do maths). Slight improvement on the rowing machine at least. Uff just when people started saying I look thinner (not sure, but why argue 😀 ?) I’m slowing down. Shame 😛 . Wonder how much playing guitar hero 3 counts for (my hand hurts 😦 ).

Week ending Stats: Well weight is at 106kg and steady, not sure about my waist didn’t bother this week, doubt it changed.


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