Insomnia Dumped Comforts Chocolate Code Geass Naruto

I’ve have taken my bad sleeping habits to a whole new level, so much that the problem has solved itself (or maybe not). I’ve been more or less dumped (well not really) 😦 home alone. Well ,I was left behind to join the family vacation later (part of having a job, imagine that 😛 ) but the timing sucks, NEED MORE WORK to drown myself in. I also discovered chocolate doesn’t make me happy (too much sugar actually makes me dizzy) so that didn’t cheer me up (or my atrocious eating habits these last 2 days). Code Geass R2 just didn’t do it for me, the new season is still uninspiring and to top it off all they kept spouting garbage about love this love that and lots of blatant fanservice. Naruto Shippuuden was brilliant though (catching up on old episodes) episode 32’s end and 33 were particularly silly and funny. Need to be more punctual with my prayers and do some exercise now that I’m not sulking. YAWN
UPDATE posting some clips

Further update, double buns are so kawai (hence Tenten is cute 😛 ). I wonder if they look as cute in real life or if their only good for cartoon characters and chun li hmmmm. Must investigate.


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