Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 4

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 15/06/08 Mitkasir (sore) no exercise, night duty Kathmandu, couldn’t sleep.

Mon 16/06/08 Back from KTM, again couldn’t sleep thinking too much. Another night duty.

Tue 17/06/08 Back in the morning, spent most of the day in bed trying to rest up for my upcoming night duty, managed some sleep either becase I was so exhausted I couldn’t help it or I finally relaxed a bit (email hurray), not eough to exercise though 😛 , just so tired, yes I AM SO ASHAMED OF MYSELF. Sigh, another night duty.

Wed 18/06/08170 calories after 30 min on treadmill. In VOCI (Cochin, I dont like the 3 letter code) this morning,ate breakfast (aloo paratha, achar ,chai didn’t taste good or authentic as usual chennai do it better maybe) sent a email of incredible magnitude (like all my emails 😛 ) napped (for my upcoming night duty ARG) and finally exercised YAY, sent a 2nd email watched dragonball Z and some ben10 (I hate tom and jerry) 🙂 ate a meal of some sort (late lunch early dinner?), tryed to sleep, couldn’t, so more cartoons (Naruto). Was quite tired though, 5×5 for 5 min and 5.5×5.5 for 20 min, 5 min cool down and warmup. Anyway did worse than last time 😦 , but I forgive me due to my emotional and physical exhaustion 🙂 (well mostly physical okay). I need to get some sleep. NIGHT DUTY GRUNT, then another, 2 days off afterwards though, hope Iron Man is still in the cinema (OR ANYTHING I that might interest me actually), hope I can get someone who would go with me (people seem to be avoiding me) and hasn’t watched it already (its been out a while), maybe I ask/force my bro 😛 .

Thu 19/06/08 No exercise, back in the morning out again at night still having trouble sleeping.

Fri 20/06/08 Back in the morning, rest, friday prayers, out to lunch and cinema with family, rested up for standby, still feel tired NO EXERCISE.

Sat 21/06/08320 Calorie after 30 min on rowing machine. Going to rest up see if I can hit the bike tonight, will update if I do. Will hold off on weekley summary till tommorow.

Weekly summary:

Week ending Statistics: no update 😦 .


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