Portégé R500

Well everyone has talked about it, so far. Anyway here is the skinny (no pun intended), Toshiba R500 skinny 12″ .77″ thick laptop starting at 1700$ with pretty good specs (besides the cpu and graphics) and includes an optical drive (which the macbook air lacks) and is not as ugly as the Lenovo thinkpad x300 (I’m materialistic, vain and cruel I know) and on the upper end has a 128gb SSD as an option on the 3000$ model and only weighs 2.4 pounds (no backlit keyboard offcoarse 😛 or camera which I hardly care about though), the SSD is what’s causing the most buzz because at around 3000$ both the thinkpad and mcair only include a 64gb SSD compared to the r500’s 128gb, no big deal to me I can’t live with that little (because I run OS X, Kubuntu, XP and do video work), and no full size Firewire, though if I bought a pc to use on the road to come home to a mac (or hacked OS X onto a Wintel Laptop :p ) I would consider the low end laptop (given it has decent battery life), hmmm I know someone this laptop might be good for and if they want OS X I will get a chance to get my hands a bit dirty 😀 , oh and it has a dock, 3 usb, 1 i.link, gigabit ethernet, vga out and a pc card slot. They claim 7.5 hours (on all models) but this is probably with the display off (its transreflective meaning it can work without backlight if you’re in a well lit environment) so I say closer to 4 to 5 hours max. The screen resolution might be a bit too high for the size of the laptop.

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