Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 3

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 08/06/08 Left 4 KTM in the morning and 4got to pack my trainers 😦 . No exercise for next 2 days.

Mon 09/06/08

Tue 10/06/08 200 Calories after 20 min on incline bike, felt really knackered (back from kathmandu same morning) my left leg started hurting at only 10 min I ignored it and by the 15th minute it was badly cramped and I couldn’t really cycle with it so I just continued to 20 min and called it a day (had duty next day can’t be too cavalier).

Wed 11/06/08 No exercise.

Thu 12/06/08 305 Calories after 30 min on incline bike, leg still hurt but good enough to use bike, should have been treadmill but it was in use and my leg might’ve protested.

Fri 13/06/08 No exercise besides walking to the mosque. Spent like 4 hours (or more) there throughout the day, and I was sore so no exercise.

Sat 14/06/08 315 Calories after 30 min on rowing machine + went with my friend for a walk on the corniche about 4.5km so add on 80 calories REALLY SORE. Was fasting as well today.

Weekly summary: exercised 4 times totaling 900 calories, average of 230 calories a workout, OR 800 at 267 a workout if you exclude the weekend stroll, either way not an appreciable improvement, and no treadmill this week which tends to bring the average down but lets assume my 20min injured workout balanced that out.

Week ending Statistics: Weight 106.5, Waist 43″, Height 177cm.I measured the weight and waist in vest and shorts but unfortunatly not at the beggining of the day before I ate anything but it should be fairly accurate. Aim to be more accurate next time obviously, pitifull weight loss. But im thinking my weight is actually just over 106 and I can pretend to have made a big loss next week 😛 . Lets assume 1kg every 3 weeks, divide by 1.5 for inconsistencies and laziness, there are about 25 weeks left this year so 25/3=8.3, 8/1.5=5.6, Im now feeling quite depressed I need to pick up the pace.


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