Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 2

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 01/06/08 295 calories after 30 min on incline bicycle finished @ 0545 PM no stretching, ate showered packed and went to work :(, improvement over last week though.

Mon 02/06/08 No exercise I think, too tired not much time in Trivandrum, well the timing just isn’t so convenient (if you want to sleep that is).

Tue 03/06/08 185 Calories after 30 min on treadmill, 5.5×5.5 seems the treadmill in KTM aint so crazy, I will just subtract 10% next time (tried 5×5 for a minute to check, last weeks figure should be closer to 150 than 120). I think I can do better.

Wed 04/06/08

Thu 05/06/08

Fri 06/06/08 Last few days been feeling a bit off and lazy 😦 been acting silly too, hopefully not upsetting to anyone though more likely than not 😦 .

Sat 07/06/08 400 calories after 40 min on rowing machine. My hands are sore and my right elbow feels wonky, had to make up for lost time though.

Weekly summary: exercised 3 times totaling 880 calories, average of 290 calories a workout, adjusted average 265 because 1 workout was longer than 30 min, still an improvement in total calories and average per 30 min so I’m not unhappy. Need to exercise more often, no good time to update stats, will do it next week, don’t think there is any change anyway.


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