Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 1

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Mon 26/5/08 280 calories after 30 min on incline bicycle finished @ 10 AM no stretching :(.

Tue 27/5/08 Morning in Berlin I realized I didn’t pack any workout clothes, too tired after getting back home @ 11pm :(.

Wed 28/5/08 Woke up a bit late, busy throughout the day (I has new shoes now yay), in the evening went for a walk on the corniche with my friend (midnightish), but no REAL exercise:(, I give myself credit for running around for a couple of hours and 30min or more of walking, maximum I can give myself with a clear conscience is 100 cal, back home like 3am, so I was up to pray at least :D.

Thu 29/5/08 300 calories after 30min on rowing machine finished @530PM, some but not all of my stretches, decided on rowing machine because the hotel in Khatmandu doesn’t have one (Im leaving for there tomorrow morning), I used the bike already this week and went walking the day before on the corniche (and maybe again in kathmandu on the treadmill).

Fri 30/5/08 120 (170 according to machine) calories after 30min on treadmill finished @630PM KTM time or @315PM on my national LMT. Treadmill here I think is crazy so I subtracted 50 calories, I only did 5×5 for 25min and rest was warmup and cool down (I was still tired from the day before!), maybe I will do 1 min at home and extrapolate to adjust estimate (note: couldn’t be bothered).

Sat 31/5/08 No way I’m exercising today I’m exhausted before it even came. It is going to be a long week coming up, consecutive night duties, test of my resolve. NEED SLEEP.

Weekly summary: exercised 4 times totaling 800 calories, average of 200 calories a workout, or if I count 3 (and exclude the corniche walk) 700cals @ 230 a workout, still unimpressive. And yes only six days in this week :p (weeks start on sunda here I started my log Monday).

Week ending Statistics: Weight 107, Waist 44/42″, Height 177cm. Note on measurements;were not taken under optimal conditions, two figures given for waist because 44″ was taken after a huge meal (family obligations :D) so I gave a previous measurement as well which is likely more accurate (I can fit into 38″ quite easily so I’m not sure what that’s about). I measured the weight in vest and shorts but unfortunatly not at the beggining of the day before I ate anything (and went to the bathroom) but it should be fairly accurate. Aim to be more accurate next time obviously (unless life gets in the way).


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