Diary of a fatman

Starting next months I’m going to try and reorganize the site a bit (maybe) and start posting “fat” posts, I used to hang a log my weight and exercise on a calendar but I think this will be more fun, I think once a week is good so first post should be on the 1st.

For now as a reference my weight is just under 108 kgs height 177cm, over the last 7 months I have only lost just over 6kgs, over the last 4 months just over 4kgs, slow progress. I mean to exercise 5 times a week but 3 as a minimum. So next posting I should give my weight, a mini exercise log (from the 26th) and maybe my waist (not sure bout that one). For now I’m only doing cardio (treadmill, incline bike and rowing machine and if I can manage maybe the “wave” which is like rollerblading)


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