Sickness, Kathmandu, DEFRAG Arg

This sucks i have been really unwell these last few days so no significant updates to the website.Im on standby right now and couldn’t get any sleep so i hope i don’t get called out for work. It has not been 2 months since my macbook pro and it needed to go through major defragmenting (disk defragmenting is different from file defragmenting which os x partially does by itself).

Visited Durbar square, (last time in Kathmandu I also went into Pashupatinath temple) I can see why people get disillusioned by religion if they see Hinduism as a typical religion (like the person who took me in the first place to the temple). I don’t mean to be offensive but at one point a priest/monk (i think not guru) person insisted that a certain thing was devine truth due to the scholars having put it on paper “It is written so it is true”, true we wrote this profound truth at our own convenience but heck believe it. On the visit to Durbar we were told about Kumari the “living godess” (disturbing), guide kept insisting that Arabic and Farsi and the Middle East and Arabia are exactly the same and came up with an amusing justification for some writing in fourteen languages or something on the wall being the path to enlightenment. I know there are just too many different gods, rite, paths to enlightenment and different places to give up your money and pray to a diety for luck for my taste, long live monotheism.
Also, if your taking a taxi, the roads are actually narrow paths between where buildings apparently fell down in many areas ; just close your eyes if you have a weak stomach and you should get where your going with some prayer.


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