State Of ME (Mac, me & Everything)

Okay just some updates, my macbook apparently won’t be getting fixed, my close family member had his wife spill tea on his HP (must be an epidemic) forcing him to buy a new laptop ASAP. I am now on a Macbook Pro (Merom core I think) which I just upgraded to 4gb and waiting for a hdd upgrade. So im going to be in Kathmandu for 3 days so when I have the time I will write up some posts and maybe work on updating the setup section (for obvious reasons). Ive been quite busy recently what with QTR new SOP and preparing some learning presentations for mac in keynote, coming along nicely but needs some time, maybe I upload a Flash or Quicktime version to the site eventually. Also trying o spend an hour or more a day learning languages (urdu, french and japanese in that order of importance).


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