The fundamentals and basis of faith in creation, not fact

I decided to put out a draft on an article regarding an issue dear to my heart, the decision of choosing your belief in creation, I mean to focus mostly on the fact that on a fundamental level you are choosing to believe in something ; without having 100% undeniable irrefutable evidence that can be put on paper, explained by science or experience and accepted as universal truth proving every other belief wrong and being so devastating in certainty people would swallow their pride and concede defeat once and fo all if the point is indeed proven.

First lets say you chose god, nay-sayers will say where did god come from. Other choice i present is the big bang theory, okay where did the big bang come from?

At this point you make a choice, on how the very fabric of existence came into being. A question of faith, not fact. I want to expand on this idea but I have to put on paper (so to speak) in an eloquent manner


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