Macbook SR benchmarks huzzah

Macworld and barefeats publish benchmarks for Macbook Santa Rosa with Intel GMA x3100 (which if i forgot to mention supports hardware transform and lighting or T&L) Macworlds benchmarks have a different baseline system, so keep that in mind if your comparing with macworlds old benchmark publications, also note that Barefeats and Macworld are putting 2gb of ram in their test systems which is 1gb more than standard. Barefeats benchmarks (published as part 1, part 2 and part 3) cover a good range of apps i thinks. Anyway I’m fairly happy with the benchmarks (in spite of the unimpressed benchmarkers comments, which I think are a bit harsh but understandable since there is no pro lightweight pronsumer laptop by apple), this the macbook should’ve been from the beginning, out performing the 12″ powerbook in most aspects now including (finally) graphics, offcoarse its still bigger and heavier and the speakers probably haven’t been improved (the 12″ pb had pretty good speakers) and i do prefer matte displays (and Im pretty sure the colour gamut is mediocre like the previous macbooks as at best practically all laptops have bad colour reproduction, for pro use i mean), but all in all i think its a worthwhile upgrade. Especially if you have a first gen macbook or have been waiting for something that will actually beat a powerbook 12″ in all performance aspects, offcoarse usability will depend on the memory management since the x3100 igp syphons even more ram (144 MB) but that’s no issue for me since i plan on maxing out the ram and upping the hdd to 250/320 GB (yes me crazy I knows)


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