Leopard is Here, so are the new Macbooks yay?

Oh well my wish has mostly been granted, new laptop with better IGFX (integrated Graphics in this case Intel 3100), no firewire 800 though, life is tough and confusing. Blah.Leopard has also recently been released, i am very discouraged by stacks and the lack of leopard benchmarks available (contextual folder menus are imperative for my workflow).

Two good articles to read are Macworlds article on pros and cons ; and Ars technicas much more technical review (which is very impressive and encouraging but goes way and i mean way above my head).

Im really irritated about the interface issues (the finder bar, dock and stacks), the lack of dock folders or stacks list view (which are integral for me, since classic you can say in one way or another) and the underwhelming (why the heck does my spellchecker not think underwhelming is a word? quaking idiot its in the quacking dicitionary) showing of the so called “Parental controls” as a minor issue. Two interface features I am really happy about is the adjustable grid spacing and spring loaded dock folders (no idea why they took so long). I have to finish reading through the ArsTech article and wait to see some benchmarks (also for the macbook) before deciding on my upgrade path. As of know I am conflicted and confused.New macbook? go pro? or buy a desktop for the heavy lifting (those blurdy iMacs with the quaking tarty unwholesome and color corrupting glossy mirror of a screen suck, because of the blurdy quaking tarty unwholesome and color corrupting glossy mirror screen, no good for colour accuracy, and in my mind a notebooks screen will also never do for truly good colour accuracy).


Windows based Intel x3100 benchmarks here and here and i have to say it don’t look too shabby. Further evidence required though since these are only synthetic benchmarks and i know for a fact that the 5200 GO far outdoes the GMA 950 in Unreal 2k4 while in 3dmark 03 it paints a different picture (besides these being synthetic OpenGL and OS X are different animals from DirectX and XP).
A serious Leopard bug has been uncovered in file copying has been published here so be forewarned.

Also to clarify for those smarty pants in other forums the Macbook is now Santa Rosa since it uses the chipset, it is not compliant with the Centrino Santa Rosa platform because it supposedly doesn’t use Intels wireless chipset, that only means it can’t be branded as centrino which I doubt Apple wants to do though you never know :p. Bottom line they are Santa Rosa (referring to the chipset not the Centrino platform which as I have just explained are totally different, you don’t have to understand just get over it :p)


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