iPhone price cut litigation

Ridiculous is the only way to describe the amount of media attention this gets. Its unfair in a way i suppose unless you look at the grand scheme of things, first there is apples price protection policy, and if that doesn’t cover you have the 100$ rebate, good for you; i think apple is being more than courteous enough. You bought the phone, life is tough, consequences of your actions and all. Besides i haven’t heard of people suing retailers on game consoles that they charge double the MSRP then a month to three months later they could be half the price, or suing a store because you bought an item just before the special promotion on that product and it just so happens even after the special promotion the price was still lower than the original asking price, did i get irritated when just after i bought my laptop from apple they started bundling more RAM, yes i suppose but it was more like too bad i didn’t wait, not “YOU SHALL FEEL MY SCORN AND TASTE PAIN, PAIN i say PAIN”. Amazon just last month had prices on one of the macbook pros fluctuating by a good 400$, but i reckon that was just due to supply issues, whatever i won’t sue them over it.

How about we forget about hardware for a moment and pretend we had a similar situation with software, some software transitions from shareware to freeware in a very short time, does that mean you should burn the developers at the stake? Or less of an extreme some software does go through significant price changes in a short time frame, such is life.

How about movies, i bought a dvd off amazon that cost 30$ but a week later a different edition was available for 17$ but it wasn’t available at the time, should i sue them for that?

The people doing the suing should get their tempers/impulses under control, or find a better way to make money (with all due respect to those who deserve it). Have a nice day people.


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