Garga’oon 1428 / 2007

Its halfway through Ramadan, Ramadan seems to be passing too fast this year. Anyway taking family out for Garga’oon this year, long time since I’ve been. For those who don’t know Garga’oon is like Halloween trick or treating, where kids go door to door and ask for treats for up to three days (at night after prayers, traditionally they used to sing but most don’t these days), in my country like others in the region it happens in the middle of ramadan, other countries have it at other times. Its a fun family-esque type activity, its sad alot of parents or mothers (not as father friendly i suppose) won’t bother with it, or send their kids with someone else and not bother going. Anyhow i will be taking the kids this year (due to unforeseen circumstances). Athan, g2g.


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