Console wars : Act 2

Ooohh this is so much fun. 3 next gen consoles. Their all here and they dont suck.

the Wii is the best gaming machine because its cheap accessible and like the gamecube likabel and playable, im getting 1 i think.
If ever their was a console that would broaden the gaming demographic this would be it (more girls playing computer games).
Plus nintendo arent going to lose as much money per console which im not against.

The PS2 and Xbox360 both bank on being more than just consoles, they want to siphon off from pc HD gamers, which is in my eyes their biggest failing. People have to manage and encode their media and already have a fairly powerfull computer in the first place to get the most out of these consoles, but with a modest computer set up properly you can by far outdo the ps3 or the 360, so whats the point? I DONT KNOW, its cool and there are fancy/convinient tools to help you along the way? Offcoarse if money is no object why not you might say, i say no thanks, I AM MASTER OF MY MEDIA AND ALL I NEED IS MY MAC FOR THAT. So there :D.

Because of the emphassis on HD the 360 and ps3 i feel are out of focus, its not about HD, its the games, the games that you want to play even though they came out sometime you were born because they are fun (like the Castle on msx, Prince of Persia on mac, Tessirae etc…). All three consoles support the last gen conole games, for ps3 its 2 generations, for Wii its gamecube + retro games from online.

PS3 and 360 also focus alot on online content, im sorry maybe that make sense in some parts of the world but in THE REAL WORLD not everyone has a good stable broadband connection 24/7 and not everyone is so obssesd with the internet that they have to “BE ONLINE” in every frickin way humanly possible.

My thoughts on blu ray and HDDVD and HD can be found here here & here.

Between the Ps3 supply issues get dealt with i think the 360 will quickly lose its lead, You get the Blu ray drive built in instead of having to tack on the external HD drive thingy the 360 has + the sony has the install base, then again 360 plays better with windows especially Vista ohh i forgot i hate XP and Vista wants a supercomputer and 300$, hmmm, why do i need a 360 if i have supercomputers aplenty. I think ill go for the ps3 2nd to the wii.

Did i menteon the 360 is really noisy and error prone and i have a huge ps1 library. Though the PS3 seems to be having some teething issues as well.

Thats it for today.


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