PS3,Wii & 360

A few quick words on this generation of console wars. The 360 and ps3 cost too much with the games, full stop. If your buying 20 or so games the economies dont match. 400/500$ initial purchase + 20×60$ per game totalling about 1600$.
20 pc games @40$ (or less)=800$, you then have 800$ for a pc (displayes not taken into account because you dont get one with the console either).
Dual core cpu=180$
1gig ddr2=100$
160gb hdd=70$
that leaves 300/200/150 for gfx=
-100$ish x800gto and 7300 gt
-150$ish 7600 gt
-200$ish X1900 GT and 7900 GS
OS XP=150$
Non demanding buy alot gamers; food for thought
Or for a family system (like 4 brothers) how about it @ 15 games a brother? 60 GAMES x 60= 3600 vs 60×40=2400
1200+400=1600$ to spend on a gaming only PC!!!


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