HD? Vcds and vcrs are still around.

From going through my ps2 gamelibrary and some dvd watching HD DVD and BL ray are unwarranted technology. If your stateside things might seem different but it is a fact that vcds have greater market penetration than dvds (way more) and vcrs are still in existance.

From my movie watching im starting to think that if you have a serious problem with image quality than your probably sitting too close to the tv or your tv aint as good as mine (40″ lcd samsung). I mean seriously with new generation codecs (my experience is with h264) its claimed you can quadruple compression at the same quality, to be conservative lets say three (remember you have progressive as well so thats an added bonus). On top of that they want to at least double disc capacity (from 8.5 to 15 single layer hd dvd). So a 1366×768 is about 1 megapixel (16:9 hdvs) and dvds are at about .35 megapixels.

So h264 or wmv9 or whatever with their claimed efficiency should more than cover the quality deficit and your getting progressive encoding in the first place which is cool and the codecs are far less prone to noise than mpg2 which would be my main complaint about dvds (back on that later). So my first point is who gives heck about the blu ray seeing as by using the codecs you will have the quality that 90% of the world dont give a damn about movies as far as im concerned movies are covered. Most people accept vcd quality (in a world wide sense), because they are far more accessible and so many copied dvds are actually video from theaters and people still buy it, and then even most good copies are on 4.7gb dvds and i still havent met someone who can tell the difference (i used to be able to because of video noise).

Now lets talk about video noise. I only notice it when sitting close to the computer screen, when i crop to 4:3 using vlc to fill the screen especially, and when the contrast isnt high enough for my liking and a bit bright. So good screen settings usually defeats the problem. Also you shouldnt blame the format, i can honestly say that some movies arnt converted to dvd so well, and it seems ntsc region 1 movies seem more prone, probably because using 24 frames per second vs 29 fps you have less data to encode and there is a small difference in horizontal resolution vs pal, and also the problem seems more dominant in newer dvds ive purchased (im serious and it freaks me out).

So set your tv right and if the studio bothered with the conversion to dvd (again i will mention the noise i get with ntsc ive bought from the states).On top of that most the world havent moved to (real) dvd because of region and copyright restrictions, availibility and lack of ethic. So why dont they just use the new codecs on the old media instead of driving up their costs, entering the market with a new product with dubious prospects and causing a split in the market? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? Dont even get me started on HPCP (Humurously dumb clumsy proposal). Next gen consoles by no means need the extra space especially since the trend is to move from pre rendered fmv to using the ingame engine and no ps2 game to my knowledge would fill a dvd.

Firstly new products means higher margins for a limited timeframe (well the format war might screw that up). Maybe it is furthering of a plot for the demise of cinema 😉 . Stricter control might be the reason? MAYBE? COULD IT BE? whadaya think?

You could alway argue i suppose that you can put more content as well better quality, but then seeing hardware coming out without full support for the media cancels that argument (ie single layer blu ray disc support and the “future” is meant to be up to 4) so maybe in another year or 2 we will have dvds coming out on more layers than the player supports or we will still have our standard dvd four disk on two or three new media (hd or bl) discs instead of one disc because their selling half cooked hardware.

Oh and sony for some reason decided ps3 games have to be made on blu ray discs, they wouldnt be trying to push their own agenda on some other front would they? Either way i need dmc4 so i have no choice but to go with it.

EDIT i would like to make it clear that im suspicious of the new movies coming out with alot more noise than older (even sometimes single layer) releases.

Anyway thats what i think. Take care.


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