written 5/1/2005 Blu ray or HD? What I wish and what I think

I wish HD would be a success but it wont be. Taking into account it took the better part of five years (96/97 to 03) for DVD to establish itself and penetrate the market you cant just look at the initial release. At the time of writing BD and HD are plan on releasing players around march 06. HD players may cost as low as 500$ while the only figures on BD are about 1800$, blu ray has announced some titles yadda yadda… but it doesnt matter. Who is going to spend that much money on a device with barely anything available to playback and that most people wont appreciate the higher quality (though LOTR and king kong might need it).

But wait whats happening sept 06 ’tis the release of the fabled ps3, wha? 500$? HD gaming and blu ray dvd to boot? nostalgia (flashback to 2000 ps2 release). The ps3 will most likely do for BD what it did for DVD (probably at a lower rate due to inflated costs). And though the ps3 isnt a gqarunteed success(yeah right im not parting with my ps1n2 games) it most probably will be A) because people still want to play ps1 n 2 games. B) Its sony, like sony and apple are like so hot and cool and sexy…etc.(yeah i snuck apple in there, couldnt help it, sony and apple arent alwas the frienliest of companies but the are innovative and nowadays especially cool). C) Marketing and hot cool and sexy games manufacturing capacity, fanbase, and a Blah blah blah yackity shmackity.


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