written 20/1/2006 G5 versus Intel analysis, And why go mac?

Here is the deal, everyone is disappointed in terms of raw performance in alot of benchmarks, well I say people need to do some more research so they have some idea what to expect. My main references were Barefeats and Toms hardware guide, refer to barefeats for P4 and G4/5 comparisons and THG for Pentium M vs P4 and core duo (and 2 other intresting articles are the Mac mini and Pentium M as a desktop) anyway I have done fairly extensive research and have had my conclusions for months but never anywhere to post them, but now I do.

You should take this article with a grain of salt since it is opinionative and compromises in accuracy were made for me just to obtain an overall picture (be gracious I started this at 17), the driving force behind my research is because my father groomed me to take care of the houses computers (ranging from classic LCII, Power608, G3,G4 and P3, P4) and so I could competently argue platform prejeduice or platform naggers (annoying people that compare and nag though they have no clue which is at least a 1 third of people who can utter “computer”) Forgive my sarcasim and lets get to the pudding. _Clock for clock 1PowerG5=1.1 PowerG4= 1.3Pentium4
Now lets throw in AMD and Pentium M 1Amd=1Pentium M = 1.3 Pentium4
So common sense dictates difference between core duo and pentium M= Difference between G5/G4 and core duo.

Yes yes I know memory, platform history, chipset, different tasks, optimizations in certain applications and the fact that performance even in the same processor family does not scale according directly to clockspeed. These are just ballpark get your head around the concept figures, and in optimized (platform specific especially) applications you can see figures go as high as 70% but those are inconclusive and possibly bias (in favor of the mac).

I am pro mac no doubt but I consider my figures conservative and fair, just leave games and super apps out of it for a while. If you consider my results remotely valid then then we can expect speed boosts between 30% and 50% “out of the box” (in accordance with thgs findings for core duo vs last gen Pentium M).
To accept what im saying anti and pro mac have to come to a fair middle ground here are some points.

Apples previous platform wasnt lacking (generally) in mainstream performance, the main deficiency was in apples higher end mobile linup, Which was never evolved at a great enough pace
Apple isnt as desperate as the media tries to make it seem to up the ante, though apples laptops are no powerhouses they arent as bad as people make out and the later G4 revisions were great processors even in terms of power consumption (reference THG mac mini article and another article of Pentium M running as a desktop). Battery life on apples laptops is generally good, you have to remember Apple (maybe) can’t target a niche within within (what some people consider) Apples already niche market (Im talking about super long battery life ultraportables)
Apple didnt lie when they have been saying for years they have good crisps (er chips) just embelished (as people who want to make money are predisposed to) and they didnt lie when they said their going for something better, again they just embeleshed or perhaps more accurately emphasised more mmarketable and sensational though not necessarily real world findings.

Steve Jobs is a genius but possibly the personification of the devil (ha ha just seeing if your paying attention, just kidding, or am I?).

There are alot of people out there (on both sides) complaining about nothing, or making non sensical argument (talking about mainstream here) ; and i mean things like “My mac mini is like a 4ghz P4” “There is no sotware on Mac” (from someone who only uses MSN messenger and explorer) or “If Apple use intel chips they would have like 4 times the battery life” (okay I made the last one up but thats the impression from a sentance not the actual words).
Im not as stupid as this article makes me sound (try real hard please, you can question my sanity if you like)
Its goin to take alot to top the quad core (at least I like to think so), and a dual core 2.5ghz G5 in an iMac would kick the core duos bu… , errr, behind

I would like to number some advantages which apple has (in some ways has always had) which should make it easier on those of you I have depressed.
Apple can make you look past the numbers because the mac is an “in house” platform. They have very good quality control and a large suite af applications that they themselves develop inclusive of the OS (eg iLife, Final cut, Quicktime) which they can optimize and get out the door very quickly and affectively, because at the end of the day they essentially still use a restricted and closed platform. This is in essence apples trump card, im even suspicious of potential optimizations that were never implemented

Applications will be optimized which may mean (for PCs and Macs) the true potential the core duo has, its a new engine but doesnt have the best fuel yet. Though to be fair it is a better argument for macs than it is for others for the same reasons stated above. Optimization will hopefully at least be universal in the case of i architecture specific enhancements which will be great for apps that atarted there lives on x86 ,mac gamers im wishing for your happiness.
Apple doesnt run on Windows, Thank god

If people are willing to pay more for a Toshiba, Sony or even Alienware versus cheaper Acer,Hp or Dell even for a bad reason, why not buy a Mac you will pay a small premium on but has so many greater things to expereince, eg iLife, OS, enclosure, quality, loyalty, Pro apps… Some of what I mention might be cheap shots to anti Macists but they are fair points.

So don’t despair, Apple is not sunk. And don’t give out “I told you so’s” like candy. Apple just has to contend with what it has had to contend with for years, consumer bias and shortsightedness. I dont mean to be rude to consumers, or to say everyone should use a Mac or be executed, its just an honest opinion that I have to express, and that is what impacts the success, the architecture change I think is a pebble in a buses way, people just have to get on the bus. Sorry the article ending isnt too well done I will work on it again if I can be bothered. Im not yet sure if I want feedback let me think about it. I hate how much im echoeing what Apple PR says through this article but hey not all they say is a lie 😉 . If your offended by this article lighten up, I only have one more year of being a teenager then I have to grow up (I have had white hair since 15 though so I dont think I will live long especially with all the death threats I will be getting after taking this article public)
Once i start an email account especially for this website I will put it on the mainpage.


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